7 Ways to Improve Your Business Masterclass

Unique Free Online Masterclass with Dave Howick F.C.C.A.

Accredited thought Leader in Business Mentoring

A top Business Coach will help you to achieve your business goals - just like a top Personal Trainer will help you to achieve a healthy lifestyle.

What to expect


In this fantastic masterclass you will learn how to analyse your business and identify how just a small 5% improvement in 3 key areas can double your profits quicker than you ever thought possible.


You will learn how to really look at every point of interaction between your business and your existing and potential customers to maximise conversion rates and repeat business.

Action Plan

You will identify an area of your business for improvement that is unique to your business and you will leave the Masterclass with an action plan to make that improvement in the next 7 days.

Time Mgt

You will learn how to better manage your time by reviewing the 4 areas in which you spend your time and how only 2 of these are productive – the other 2 are holding you back.


You will learn to market your products or services based on the value that you bring to your customers, not on the price that you charge. You will learn how to identify and market to your best prospects.


You will learn the value to be obtained from being part of a business advisory group of like-minded business owners who meet once a month to share wisdom and insights to grow their respective businesses.


We will discuss the true secret to success and a very simple system to help you to be the very best of version of yourself that you can be, every single day, in Life, in Health and in Business.

This is a stand-alone Masterclass designed to deliver real value to every participant.

7 Ways To Improve Your Business Masterclass
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Venue: Online via zoom
Date : Tuesday 11th May 2021

Time: 11.00 a.m. - 12.30 p.m. Ireland / UK.

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